How to Change a Bicycle Tube

1. Remove wheel from bicycle—you may need to use a wrench if your tire is not quick-releasebikepatch.png

2. Deflate tube by pressing on the valve

3. Insert a tire lever and lift the bead over the rim. The bead is the stiff portion of the tire around the edge.

4. Continue lifting the bead by running the tire lever around the edge. Leave the other rim in place. You may need more than one lever.

5. Remove the tube from the tire leaving the tire on the rim.

6. Look on the outside of the tire and run your hand along the inside of the tire so you can find what pierced the tube.

7. Inflate new or patched tube slightly

8. Put tube valve through valve hole

9. Gently work the tube onto the rim starting at the valve and working around from both sides

10. Use your thumbs or tire lever to push the bead back under the rim. Be careful not to pinch the tube beneath the rim and the tire.

11. Inflate the tube to the pressure written on the tire (number followed by PSI)

Another patch from Microcosm Publishing. Thanks!

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