About Me

headshotsmile.jpgI am Liz Seymour, 58 years old, Smith College graduate, mother of Isabell and Margaret, adopted mother and friend of Justin. I live in an anarchist collective in Greensboro, NC. I eat food out of the dumpster, I ride my bike, I dry my clothes on a clothesline. I live on very little money but I am wealthy in time. And I grow braver as I get older.


9 responses to “About Me

  1. Davie Noyb

    I am trying to find more info on the web about cohousing. From what i know of it, it is developing housing on a piece of land such that the main common rooms ei: livingroom, dinningroom, kitchen, recroom etc are all shared by a group who all have thier own small livingrooms(with small kitchenettes and washrooms) and bedrooms seperate from the main common building. Do you know of any websites that entertain this concept?

  2. Mara

    Wow, Liz – You’re like Martha Stewart (everything you need to know…) with a CONSCIENCE! I love your compleat approach to anarchy, dumpster diving, communal living, meaningful music, standing up to authority, and all the things we know about you aired on your clothesline for all to see. One visit ain’t enough to satisfy, but I am moved by your honesty and steadfastness and who YOU are, now and always.

    You’re handling Silas brilliantly. You must be creating some energy if you’re feeling the resistance, and so soon.

    More anon, xxx Love you madly, Mara

  3. Michael Magana

    I found your website from Velonews and the safety bike. Very inventive.

    I read several of the articles on the web sit and felt compelled to comment. I am a father of 3 and I live in Houston Texas. (I have to say I have come to get a great deal of enjoyment from peoples response to my state!) I just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for how you live your life and I share many of your views, despite being firmly rooted in the upper middle class. I have come to a point in my life that I view my own inner peace and the peace I share with my family as my most important value. Money for me has become a tool and something that I use, it does not use me. I still have moments of self doubt, but I eventually come by to my core value. Thanks for taking the time to create this website. I have saved it as a favorite!


  4. rhosie

    you have a very wonderful blog site…….. i enjoyed reading your post .. Godbless

  5. Liz, your blog is great – I love your writing. In particular how your passion is expressed with such intelligence and humor. As soon as I figure out this RSS thingy, I’m subscribing.

    Stan from Charlotte

  6. I didn’t know how to spell ‘eew,’ so I guessed and found confirmation on your blog. There now.

  7. Absolutely brilliant! It is blogs such as this that helps put life back into the meaning of humanity for me!
    HJ Webster

  8. John Kinney


    Are you the author of Ultreya! which was published in US Air’s magazine in about 1998? I was moved by that essay.

    John K

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