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  1. it’s a shame how much we waste i/o thinking how our excess can help others.

  2. There was this church I used to join on their excursions to give houseless people stuff they asked for. It was eye opening. They went around and after years had gained the trust of many of the cities houseless and of the people who where truly homeless and looking for help. Every thurday they drove around and gave out food that was often left behind from church events, but then would ask then waht they want and would fufill anyrequest they could for food, books, and clothing.

    Evnetually we found earl. He was the most truly houseless but not homeless man i had ever met. He had a whole enclave in the bushes on the side of highway. he had a solar panel/battery combo that gave him either 1 hour of tv, 4 hours of radio, or up to 6 hours of light a day. He had “couches” and “tables” made of discarded car seats and parts. Even little “storage units” made from old truck tops. the book we where dropping off for him was “the elegant universe” a book on string theory, and bill clintons biography. He had recently started building a computer when he found out some of the homes near the highway had unlocked wifi – but no news on if he had gotten it to work.

    just thought i’d share

  3. Hey Liz-
    You should come to the food not bombs gathering in Nashville this March. All us nashville fnb folks would love to meet you.

    natethewriter at gmail dot com

  4. Susan

    The only time I’ve seen frozen food in a dumpster is when it’s been unhealthy ice cream. Loads and loads of it. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the excuse “I’m looking for boxes”. It’s kind of disappointing when all I do find are boxes!

  5. I’m a “nice” middle-aged woman living in a “nice” neighborhood in a “nice” house. But on the neighborhood’s weekly trash day I troll the curbs for freebies. It’s ridiculous what people toss and, as you said on an earlier comment thread, you never know what kind of excitement a nice middle-aged mom might be up for.

  6. Danny

    When I was ten I found a copy of Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels” on a neighbor’s trash heap. Pretty mindblowing at that age, I’ll tell you what. Since then I’ve found all sorts of great books, furniture, clothes, electronic equipment and other stuff on the side of the curb. In fact, I’ve furnished entire apartments from stuff I’ve gotten that way.

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