The subject of collective living seems to have hit a nerve, judging by the flurry of comments about our household on another local blog. We’ve actually been compared to the Manson family!  Crazy.



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6 responses to “Well!

  1. Vada Bostian

    People fear what they don’t understand. And that tends to make them say childish things. I think you’ve a good thing going. 🙂

  2. Only a couple of people made knee-jerk comments, and even some of those remarks became fodder for conversation. If you sift through it carefully, it’s actually an interesting thread.

  3. Personally I think it’s cool.

    Now I’ll admit that there are things about your life that probably wouldn’t be the sort of thing I might want to do but I’ve no doubt you could say the same about me.

    I think some people are more afraid of your political views than they are afraid of the way you live.

    Hey Vada, tell your momma I said Howdy!

  4. PS. I knew Vada’s momma before Vada knew Vada’s momma.

  5. Vada Bostian

    I’ll tell her!

  6. Liz, I love how you live. One of the commenters at Ed’s said he didn’t think it would appeal to conservatives, but I think it sounds quite wonderful. 🙂

    Vada, tell your mama I said hello, too.

    Billy, I knew Vada’s mama (also Vada) when little Vada was was a really, really little Vada and my kids were little, too. We all went to church together. (I think you and I talked about that before.) Small world.

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